Woodland Lake Park

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Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, administered by Town of Pinetop-Lakeside
Pinetop/Lakeside Recreation Department 
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Woodland Lake

Woodland Lake

This park has numerous trails, which makes it an ideal outdoor setting for the entire family. The one-mile loop trail around the lake is paved and fully accessible. Because of varying habitats, an interesting array of birds is found here.

In fall and winter, numerous waterfowl are seen, including an occasional Canada goose, hooded merganser, and eared and western grebe. Bald eagles often perch on snags during the winter months. Lewis’ and acorn woodpecker, dark-eyed junco and ruby-crowned kinglet are regulars. In spring and summer, look for common yellowthroat, red-winged and yellow-headed blackbird, chipping sparrow, broad-tailed and rufous hummingbird, lesser goldfinch, yellow-rumped warbler, marsh and house wren, purple martin, western tanager, western and mountain bluebird, mountain chickadee, pygmy and white-breasted nuthatch, brown creeper, and violet-green, barn, tree and northern rough-winged swallow.

Habitat:  Aquatic, wetland riparian, ponderosa pine forest, oak-juniper woodland

Seasons: All year.

Location: From the intersection of White Mountain Blvd. (State Highway 260) and Woodland Lake Road in east Pinetop, proceed west a quarter-mile on Woodland Lake Road to the park entrance on the right. Follow the paved road through the park to the parking area adjacent to the lake.

Access: Sunrise to sunset. Parking is at designated sites only.

Near:  Pinetop

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