Mogollon Rim Trail #615

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Collared Lizard

Collared Lizard

Distance: 1 mile

Facilities: None

Difficulty: Easy; first ½ mile is paved and barrier-free.

Parking: Sunrise to sunset at designated trail-head only.

Access: From the Lakeside Ranger District office, travel northwest on White Mountain Blvd. 2.5 miles. Left into dirt parking lot.

Highlights: Trail follows level terrain to edge of the Mogollon Rim with excellent scenic vistas. The self-guided, interpretive trail offers Mogollon Rim characteristics and its uniqueness as the dividing line between the Colorado Plateau and the Gila-Salt River watersheds.

It is likely more varieties of trees, bushes and shrubs can be seen along this trail than any other in the area. Pacific willow, Bebb’s willow, water plants and sedges can be found growing along an irrigation ditch with an interesting history relating to pioneers, all of which provide food and shelter to numerous small mammals, some mule deer and a variety of birds.

Submitted Photos

Abert's Squirrel photo by Cathryn Dowd

Abert’s Squirrel photo by Cathryn Dowd