Utah Mountain Kingsnake

Mountain Kingsnake

Utah Mountain Kingsnake

Description: These snakes spend most of their time underground and prefer relatively cool temperatures.

When basking on the surface they often remain well hidden by undergrowth. This snake is a constrictor but often vibrates tail as a “bluff”.

Reproduction: They mate from mid-March to early July. The Utah Mountain Kingsnake is oviparous, laying 6-12 eggs in clutch. Their incubation period is 66-83 days.

The striped and banded phases often occur within offspring of the same clutch of eggs.

Food habits: Primarily consume snakes, lizards, small mammals, birds, eggs and frogs. They are immune to rattlesnake venom.

Habitat: Utah mountain kingsnakes frequent pinyon-juniper woodland and chaparral to the pine-fir belt. Specimens in Arizona have been found in habitat characterized by Ponderosa pine, sagebrush, and New Mexico locust. They are typically found near water and rocky areas.

Utah Mountain Kingsnake Viewing Areas

Utah mountain kingsnakes have been seen at Osprey Connector Trail #636C.